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  • Fix Bolt
  • Fix Bolt


A heavy duty general purpose expansion bolt for use with most types of concrete and masonry. Fix bolts provide a high load bearing fixing option for a variety of application types by transferring the load across the material.

  • Fix bolt, Shield Anchor, Expansion bolt.
  • Can be used in concrete, brick / block and non-porious stones to hold material or fixture in place.
  • Comprises of shield, threaded hex bolt, washer and spring washer.


  • Drill a correct sized hole.
  • Clear and clean the hole with brush and air pump.
  • Place fixed bolt in the hole.
  • Fix by tightening the nut to the required torque.
  • Remove bolt and install fixture.


FFB3-08553 Piece Fix Bolt c/w Washer & Spring WasherM8 X 55 mm8885454400024
FFB3-10703 Piece Fix Bolt c/w Washer & Spring WasherM10 X 70 mm8885454400017
FFB4-06454 Piece Fix Bolt c/w WasherM6 X 45 mm8885454400031
FFB4-10704 Piece Fix Bolt c/w WasherM10 X 70 mm8885454400048
FFB4-12904 Piece Fix Bolt c/w WasherM12 x 90 mm8885454400055

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