CFC Professional Tools

About Us

Quality. Durability. Safety.

We strive to bring the best tool to the market. From design to production, our tools embody these three qualities that make it a great tool. That is the promise behind each CFC Professional Tool.

Our Heritage, Local and Proud

Developed in Singapore, CFC Professional Tools is proud of our local origins. Having accumulated over 50 years (and counting!) of relevant tools experience in multiple industries and on a global scale, we know what it takes to make a great tool. When our customers buy a CFC Professional Tool, they are buying confidence that our tools will last and that they will perform safely.

Our Assurance

Never to rest on our laurels, we strive to continually innovate and improve. We take pride in our products and all CFC Professional Tools are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty*. We welcome and value all suggestions and feedback on our products.

*Terms & Conditions apply.